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  • Renkee: ^^
  • James: @glue70 - if you go to your "dashboard" (in settings in the top right) you'll see an option for "tip reward fulfillment"
  • James: that's where you'd be able to send people codes, etc
  • James bought reward: "A download code for my latest album"
  • glue70: yea I got it James, cheers.
  • James: these are some great samples
  • anders-olof-halvor-moberg: Hiya folks
  • anders-olof-halvor-moberg: Oh jesus what's with the username
  • glue70: Haha
  • glue70: Hey man
  • Mobes: There we go?
  • glue70: If anyone has a request for one of my songs or whatever, just shout
  • Mobes: Yeah yee
  • Mobes: This remix is amazing, by the way. I think I jacked the mp4 music video so I could have a local audio copy of it
  • Mobes: <3
  • Mobes: Vimeo download etc
  • glue70: Commitment <3
  • Mobes: Ey you got hold onto this stuff. Who's gonna keep the "Dogs Can't Look Up" EP living on
  • Mobes: Oh nice
  • Mobes: This is smooth dude
  • Mobes: I haven't checked the recent album out dude, I'm behind. :O This on it?
  • glue70: This isnt on it but I can get the track to you if you want
  • Mobes: Yah sure, that'd be cool man
  • Mobes: If I can shout out a request, I'd love that Happiness Cage remix
  • glue70: Ok man, i'll get on it shortly
  • Mobes: :D
  • Mobes: :D dug this remix.. the remix Happiness Cage made for ya was dope, where'dya find him/her?
  • glue70: i think I messaged him about his music and just got to talking
  • glue70: I found him on youtube originally
  • Mobes: aha aight, cool
  • Mobes: concert window threating you alright? never seen this service before
  • Mobes: i appreciate the no-ads :O i bet that's supported via the tips..
  • glue70: Seems pretty solid tbh man. And I guess it's pretty much for streaming music related stuff
  • RichardULZ: This is pretty sick dude.
  • glue70: Glad you like Richard
  • Mobes: oh jeez, you're the only one live right now :O you're front and center on the frontpage
  • glue70: Oh shit hha
  • glue70: Make me a staff pick lol
  • Mobes: jeez.. looks like i gotta scoot :( sorry, i'll see ya around man.. peace
  • glue70: Alright see ya round
  • glue70: Gonna get into some unreleased stuff so sorry if some of it sucks lol,
  • glue70: This project fucked up lol, but it still sounds okay, weird..
  • Renkee: Could you play Casin?
  • glue70: Sure thing dude,
  • Renkee: Thanks :D
  • ThatcoBefroozy: Dinner.
  • heather196c8: hi dear, i'm Heather, please rate my private photos here - (registration required)

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