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  • capricorn-moon: ex. use of hierarchical words like "primary", "secondary," etc. & what it looks like to be polyamorous at all
  • capricorn-moon: we're talking about the devaluing of platonic/non-sexual relationships
  • puck: yeah. i think there is this illusion that there's a one-size-fits-all model, when... no
  • fem-abyss: Have to go now but i will watch the recording later. thanks for making this available <3
  • puck: and so then it comes down to, do we call ourselves poly when we're just people having friend/relation/ships?
  • capricorn-moon: Thanks for joining us! <3
  • g_zimmer: <#
  • g_zimmer: <3
  • g_zimmer: The eternal struggle
  • capricorn-moon: someone who is in a relationship with a polyamorous person is asking what he should "do differently" in this relationship.
  • puck: and back to identity shit. i think i was in the last workshop feeling weird about iding as poly because i've been functionally monogs for the past few years
  • puck: it's the partner-based-identity bullshit
  • capricorn-moon: that's sort of what's being discussed in this group, yeah.
  • max-gorbman: I find when I try to "prioritize" relationships it reveals a lot of bias around types of attraction that are shaped by hetero values and insecurities about how I am perceived by others
  • puck: mmm
  • max-gorbman: It can be hard to separate desire from all that mess
  • capricorn-moon: Do you think that has to do specifically with desirability? Like, what society has told you you are supposed to find attractive?
  • capricorn-moon: Or meaningful?
  • max-gorbman: Yes exactly
  • puck: i just read an article (by a trans disabled author who talked) about how we look with our partners/what narratives are built around us, especially around what props (canes, in this case) we have
  • capricorn-moon: Was it Eli Clare?
  • puck: posssssibly
  • capricorn-moon: Ro and I were very interested in talking about how colonization & white supremacy play into polyamory and relationship structures, but weren't sure what the interest/experience level would be
  • puck: i've been reading a lot
  • capricorn-moon: A question for the live stream group: how do you define polyamory for yourself?
  • puck: i'm for sure interested in power and relationship structures
  • puck: i like it, max
  • g_zimmer: I don't even know how I define it, I just know that what I know of mono is not for me.
  • puck: for me i think it's about questioning the societal narrative about what my relationship/s should look like
  • g_zimmer: I would say my definition is almost I'll know it when I see it, but I don't know it even when I see it.
  • puck: this time we *did* all lose the stream, yeah?
  • g_zimmer: yup
  • capricorn-moon: hey Max, is it okay if I share your definition with the group?
  • capricorn-moon: NO
  • g_zimmer: I was jsut watching the view cout jump around from all the refreshes
  • capricorn-moon: sorry, let me refresh it
  • capricorn-moon: is it back?
  • g_zimmer: loading
  • puck: i think so
  • g_zimmer: back!
  • capricorn-moon: yay!
  • puck: (nod) you can perpetuate the bad shit from monogamy in nonmonogs shit
  • capricorn-moon: Totally!
  • capricorn-moon: Well folks, we are wrapping up on this end. Please like our page on Facebook, feel free to add us on Facebook if you aren't already friends with us, and feel free to ask questions via Facebook if you have them!
  • capricorn-moon: You are all lovely. This was great. :)
  • g_zimmer: I'm glad I could tune-in. I have some thinking to do about the relationships that I have, and what actually is poly.
  • g_zimmer: bye people <3
  • puck: thanks for participating with me, all of you!
  • capricorn-moon: Yay!
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Capricorn Moon is a queer activist collective made up of Ro Sigle and Kyan Oliver Furlong.


Capricorn Moon is a queer activist collective made up of Ro Sigle and Kyan Oliver Furlong.


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