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  • Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt

    This show was on Jul 26th, 2014 | 38 people watched
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    • Jul 26
      the video part of the stream wasn't working for the frist few songs. still a cracker of a show. thanks for making this available for those of us who couldn't be there.
    • Jul 26
      Only saw a few songs, but what heart, what harmonies, what soul, what beauty!
    • Jul 26
      loved Carrie and Danny once we were able to view the show. We missed the beginning because there was no video, only sound. Had a room full of people who did not know the artists so it was a bit awkward for us but it was wonderful once you figured out how to get the video working. The concert itself is 5 stars. Concert window itself would be only 3.
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