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Mimsey "Mack" MacCormack




Mimsey Mack is a singer-songwriter, from Norfolk, Virginia, featuring eclectic covers from Black Crows to Sheryl Crow, from Deep Blue Something to Greenday, from Fleetwood Mac to Mimsey Mack Originals She performs in Hampton Roads and surrounding towns, the Eastern Shore, Richmond, and Northern Virginia, and NYC at coffee shops, restaurants/bars, breweries and large Venues.

As a child, Mimsey's home was saturated with classical music. Her
father, an Old Dominion University professor emeritus in the Music
Department, was a respected violist in the Virginia Symphony and the Virginia Opera, to name a few.

Music didn't become a passion for her until her oldest son, Nick,
discovered song writing in high school, forming a refreshing rock and roll band. with strong hints of Velvet Underground. With his three close high school friends, playing guitar, harmonica, and singing, Nick continues to "dig up new songs", working on a personal musical project including nearly one hundred of his original.

Mimsey started taking guitar lessons at the end of 2012, havinf
basic skills from a year of childhood guitar lessons. Her goal was to start a rock-n-roll band, a youthful dream.

Her first band was six months later, The Dreamers, a one gig act with her best friend, Lorrie D., a drummer who relocated to the West Coast.

Mimsey then joined The Jumbo Rollers, a high energy punk band as their rhythm guitarist and back-up vocals. She performed with them extensively locally and traveled to NYC, performing on The Rew and Who Show, performing acoustically at The Malice Palace, and headlined at Fontanas.

Next, she got the blues bug while singing and playing The Deathhouse Blues, a progressive blues rock-n-roll band with an edge.

In November 2014 Mimsey decided to devote more time to developing her originals and myriad of covers.

She is currently performing as a soloist, duo with a drummer, and 3-piece band.


Mimsey Mack


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