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  • aerstephen: you/they/whoever can sacrifice some of the bit density for flow by changing the settings.
  • aerstephen: the audio quality is some of the best i have heard on concert window. kudos.
  • barry-j-lit: How is it running now?
  • barry-j-lit: Thanks for watching everyone. We will be back shortly...
  • Copano: Looks okay to me
  • barry-j-lit: Great!
  • logos9: Audio is amazing. Video still really jerky.
  • aerstephen: sorry, just looked in again. it is still jerky. but seems a bit better. but still not really "streaming".
  • aerstephen: i hope this feedback helps. it is not meant to disparage, but help you zero in to get your video running as awesome as your audio.
  • aerstephen: now with all on stage... and more movement, it doesn't seem any different than before.
  • aerstephen: i hate dancers always dancing in front of the band. they should always put them in the back.
  • aerstephen: never do though.
  • aerstephen: time to just listen, i guess. on to other screens.
  • danny-gali: I'm with Aer. Sound is great. Video is a bit too choppy.
  • Copano: Picky picky
  • danny-gali: haha. Hi Carla
  • danny-gali: Somebody get all those people out of the way. hehe
  • danny-gali: Can anybody raise the camera up above the crowd?
  • danny-gali: I can't see the tip jar from here.
  • danny-gali: Oh wait... never mind
  • danny-gali tipped $5!
  • danny-gali: video just got much better.
  • Copano: Hi, Danny
  • aerstephen: love it! kamakiriad. never could find a definition for it. anyone know what it means? the name of something, perhaps? second on the video. it is now streaming. can be get those dancers back now.
  • aerstephen: and then no video.
  • Copano: Probably a dancer kicked the cord
  • aerstephen: damn. they just got it to stream, too. and i was hoping for the dancers.
  • danny-gali: (Hey.... I was watching that!)
  • aerstephen: that guy withe the unbuttoned shirt... where is he....
  • Copano: Back!
  • aerstephen: looking good.
  • Copano: Did they make them quit dancing?
  • Bass Guy: Steely Dan!
  • aerstephen: no idea. must be tuckered out.
  • aerstephen: all steely. all dan. my mouse is vibrating now, too.
  • Bass Guy: Two Against Nature funked my brain out this month.
  • aerstephen: i'm starting to get a jerky video again.
  • aerstephen: the austin lounge lizards now have 3 men and a woman in the band. have never seen the lizards with estrogen involved.
  • aerstephen: oh oh. i bet the dancers come back now.
  • Copano: Aw is it over?
  • Bass Guy: Great band!
  • barry-j-lit: Nope. we have one more set
  • barry-j-lit: Can you guys still see us?
  • barry-j-lit: We will be back on soon...
  • Copano: No, you are not visible now
  • Copano: We are patiently waiting
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