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  • Hal Ketchum

    This show was on May 9th, 2014 | 89 people watched
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    • May 12
      Hal Ketchum Concert was very good and we enjoyed it immensely. The only downside to the concert was the quality of the audio and video. Every 10 seconds throughout the concert there would be a dead spot in the audio for a split-second. We also lost video several times for 15 to 30 seconds.
    • May 14
      Hal was excellent! I do have a complaint though. I was not able to watch it on my tablet. I have just purchased one with all the latest everything so it was not the tablet. I fiddled about to try to get it to work, and finally gave up after about 10 minutes then had to boot up my PC where I was able to watch it eventually but missed about 20 minutes of the show.
    • May 14
      Seeing Hal Ketchum live was great! He is such an inspiration, and I learned a lot listening to him about life and music. Have always loved his voice, so natural and his writing always speaks of the right priorities.
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