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  • Sayoldman11: I did a swing workshop this winter with Paul Elliot.
  • Sayoldman11: Had a lot of fun and learned a lot.
  • Caddie'sMom: He fiddles for Alan Jackson, and is on tour with him. He's also recorded songs with Billy Ray Cyrus.
  • Sayoldman11: Cool!
  • Caddie'sMom: Didn't know who Ryan was either, had to YouTube him. And WOW! He shreds!!!!
  • Sayoldman11: I will you tube him
  • Caddie'sMom: Got to see him jam with Caddie on a video call. When she introduced me, he said, 'your daughter is amazing!'
  • Sayoldman11: Wow!
  • Caddie'sMom: Later in an email he said he really enjoyed working with Caddie and that she is a great talent! Quite a compliment!!!
  • Caddie'sMom: Who is Paul Elliot? That name sounds familiar...
  • Sayoldman11: Swing/bluegrass fiddler out of Seattle.
  • Sayoldman11: All around good fiddler and nice guy.
  • Caddie'sMom: I will YouTube him.
  • Caddie'sMom: Did you get to Folklife this year? We went Sat & Sun. Caddie had a blast jamming with a bunch of different groups and even with some old friends from BHPP! She also did well busking!
  • Sayoldman11: No, It is so crowded. But maybe I should try it again next year.
  • Caddie'sMom: I love it! It's SO much fun!!! But probably wouldn't like it without Caddie!
  • Caddie'sMom: They had a Memorial for Phil Williams that we went to. Had no idea how instrumental he was in getting and keeping Folklife going.
  • Sayoldman11: He was also very smart man. I enjoyed talking to him.
  • Caddie'sMom: Loved him! He and Vivian came to a homeschool of ours when Caddie was only 6. They are a big reason why she plays fiddle!
  • Caddie'sMom: *homeschool group
  • Caddie'sMom: He told me then, what it was like before they built I-5 through Tumwater! Now that, was a story!
  • Sayoldman11: I admired him.
  • Sayoldman11: I thought Tashina knocked it out of the park tonight.
  • Caddie'sMom: She's really good!
  • Caddie'sMom: Wish Caddie's concert was live streamed tonight! First time ever I haven't been in the audience when she performed! :(
  • Caddie'sMom: Can't find the earlier message where you posted your full name. What was it again?
  • Sayoldman11: Carrie Ann Dye
  • Caddie'sMom: I don't do Facebook, so can't look you up. Bummer
  • Caddie'sMom: Did you used to fiddle at BHPP?
  • Sayoldman11: Yes. Started when I was 50!
  • Sayoldman11: I sing too.
  • Caddie'sMom: Wow! Good for you! So we must have met, my memory is fading, so much has happened since then!
  • Sayoldman11: What is your name?
  • Caddie'sMom: Jeanyce
  • Caddie'sMom: Did you remember Caddie when you watched last year?
  • Sayoldman11: Of course. I was glad to see someone from this area go to Weiser.
  • Caddie'sMom: Oh wow, she has really grown up since the BHPP days, and you remembered her!?? That's great!
  • Caddie'sMom: So bummed they stopped meeting. Our son Daniel is just now ready to go to jams and he would learn so much, just like Caddie did!
  • Sayoldman11: No one was going.....
  • Sayoldman11: The kids don't want to play with us anyway.
  • Sayoldman11: It was like that in District 9 too - WOTF. The voetburgs never came to the playouts - so it died. The kids don't support the organizations.
  • Caddie'sMom: It's so sad, the contest are ending too. So glad Oregon opened their state contest.
  • Caddie'sMom: And Aarun is getting the WA State contest again this year!
  • Sayoldman11: Yes, I have been to the website. I didn't now she was behind get the WA contest going again.
  • Sayoldman11: See you tomorrow night!
  • Caddie'sMom: Ya, we're planning to go!
  • Caddie'sMom: Getting Caddie tomorrow at the airport, hopefully we'll get back in time for the Grand Champ!
  • Caddie'sMom: Nice talking to you!
  • Sayoldman11: Hi Megan. It's Carrie
  • christine232nt: hi dear, i'm Christine, please rate my private photos here - (registration required)


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