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  • Nothing To See Here - Live with Sarah Borges

    This show was on Aug 1st, 2016 | 47 people watched
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    • Aug 1
      Love me some Binky, thanks for sharing this!
    • Bob
      Aug 1
      The last ten minutes! That's all I saw! Tried to enter info many times on my iPad and may have paid with credit card several times but didn't get through. Frustrated for the first 40 minutes but enjoyed the last two songs and your playing with Binky
    • Aug 2
      Fantastic performance! Loved the friendly banter between you and Binky. You guys sounded great.
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  • Sarah Borges Solo Set Sunday!

    This show was on Mar 1st, 2015 | 62 people watched
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    • Mar 2
      It+is+so+amazing+to+see+a+recorded+broadcast+seem+like+a+live+event. Almost+the+best+video+game+ever+invented.
    • Mar 4
      Sarah put on an awesome show! Sarah (to me) has always been an amazing performer and artist. She engages her audience always and has such a great voice! She writes some beautiful heartfelt songs and when doing any covers - always can make them her own. I love Sarah an always enjoy seeing her whenever possible. Best wishes! :).
    • Aug 1
      Lucky Us?! I have tissues
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