Seth Glier

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  • nancy: how much snow?
  • laurie-batog: Yea Hadley! I'm in Greenfield!
  • anna-walker: GO GOLDEN HAWKS!
  • Chaswill: So powerful love the song.
  • HankdeHorrible: Seth, your vocals are perfect when playing the guitar but pick up is weak when playing the piano. Experiment with the mic suspended from the ceiling??? Not now of course!
  • shoe4347: City Lights
  • kimnick22: Loved it-Kim and Devlin -Brooklyn
  • Chaswill: I saw you at the Carlisle First Religious Society a couple years ago.
  • kcsun023: Try a mic
  • just tipped $25
  • Frank: good man
  • eric-rhodes: the next right thing
  • nancy: No Place to Land
  • foofoof: kiss and tell
  • anna-walker: Why?
  • foofoof: kiss and kill
  • ericlphelpsmusic: next right thing
  • ericlphelpsmusic: :)
  • jolenedettmer: love is the language
  • sue-layshock: Next right thing
  • eric-rhodes: next right thing
  • luvnmuffy: Man in the mirror
  • Chaswill: yeah next right thing
  • mpl63: sounds great
  • No, your vocals are very soft.
  • maria-visanoiu: more new stuff
  • ericlphelpsmusic: next right thing
  • stopper28: no place to land
  • anna-walker: Can you go all the way back to 'Why'?
  • JoeyandBrandee: Next Right Thing says Brandee
  • Bill Stuntz: I agree - next right thing
  • cerobinson: Chuck and Jen here. New World I See
  • anna-walker: yes sax is great
  • Chaswill: Yes sax is great
  • Eric: Sounds good, Seth, especially for one mic.
  • JoAnn&Bob: Sax is fine. Piano fine...its all fine here. Maybe its your computers?
  • Bill Stuntz: After you fiddled with the mike it's a little weak. Maybe it's turned wrong now?
  • nancy just tipped $15
  • anna-walker: you wear it well,our song,stars and glitter, gotta get away
  • anna-walker: nutmeg!
  • marianne-solinas just tipped $5
  • JayCee: Very nice!
  • Chaswill: Beautiful
  • stopper28: thanks! sounds great as always.
  • Bill Stuntz just tipped $5
  • phonig: oh sweet nutmeg
  • kcsun023: You Wear it Well
  • eric-rhodes: let it be
  • laurie-batog: That was awesome!
  • Chaswill: The next right thing
  • HankdeHorrible: Clap, clap, clap...
  • stefan-philbrook: awesome!
  • stopper28 just tipped $5
  • Chaswill: Next right thing
  • joycedem: great sounds
  • marianne-solinas: I never get enough of you two.
  • laurie-batog: If it wasn't the end of the month, I'd be tipping you like crazy! Next time ;)
  • foofoof just tipped $10
  • mpl63: love this song
  • Bill Stuntz: Same here. I feel bad at only $5, but gotta eat.
  • mpl63: stageit is better with notes - this credit card thing is nuts
  • davidk just tipped $5
  • robin-monterosso: I feel ya friends. I'm not loaded either, but I did post on Fb, too! We do what we can :)
  • Frank: this song is great, it's a crowd pleaser no doubt about it!!
  • Frank just tipped $10
  • JoeyandBrandee: Nice!!!
  • laurie-batog: I love that song!
  • laurie-batog: Hi everybody!
  • robin-monterosso: Hi, people!
  • anna-walker: hi Seth's house! I love your cat!
  • joycedem: You'll meet our daughter and her fiance in Ft. Collins and we'll see you in April!
  • marianne-solinas: Hi all!
  • JoAnn&Bob: Hi, All!
  • Frank: Absolutely remarkable We need you back to Youngstown, I'll get The Summit to get on it
  • joycedem: Fun stuff. Thanks to you both! Hugs and safe travels!!
  • foofoof: We love you guys! This is so awesome!
  • Bill Stuntz: Seth, you might remember me because I look like Santa Clause
  • JoAnn&Bob: Thanks so much for all of this. Hugs to you both. We also wish you safe travels and tons of love.
  • Frank: Watching you two is as good as fishing
  • marianne-solinas: I concur Frank
  • JoAnn&Bob: As always. You can stop by for dinner anytime you are passing by Burlington, NJ. Just give us a shout!
  • davidk: See you at the Ark when you hit Ann Arbor in April...will be working there that night.
  • HankdeHorrible: Yeah percussion!
  • JoAnn&Bob: Go, background singers!!! Yay!
  • Bill Stuntz: I LIKE the spoons!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Frank: OH OH OH !!!!
  • JoAnn&Bob: Spoons!! I could never do that!
  • sue-layshock: Spoons are a nice touch!
  • JoAnn&Bob: Joe, the conductor!
  • JoAnn&Bob: Love the sax and piano combo
  • marianne-solinas: Play it Joe!
  • shoe4347: Too bad the spoons player is not miked
  • Frank: Iagreewith Jo and Bob !
  • anna-walker: hope to see you around town coffee is essential+new instruments otherwise see you in April! Hugs and love to you two! always so great to see you! I can just hear the songs that will be appearing in my song book now :) thanks guys!
  • JoAnn&Bob: Standing ovation!!!!
  • laurie-batog: That was great!!!!
  • stopper28: Bianca on spoons Woohoo!
  • marianne-solinas: Applause!
  • Frank: All the best see you in Tampa
  • Thanks, Sweetie
  • luvnmuffy: Loved it! See you when you get to MD!!
  • JoeyandBrandee: Nice work everyone!!!!
  • Sheribalex: Standing ovation here too. Bravo!
  • bookbat: Thank you!!!
  • jolenedettmer just tipped $1
  • Frank: I clapped after every tune !
  • jolenedettmer just tipped $10
  • jolenedettmer: Seth We hope you will come to Oregon again!!! We love you!
  • JoAnn&Bob: My cigarette lighter is lit!..Where's the encore?
  • seth-glier: Hey all! I'm excited to kick off the spring with you with a show on March 25th at 9pm EST. Hope to see you then!
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Despite his relatively young age, MPress recording artist Seth Glier is a seasoned troubadour. A singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who averages over 250 live performances annually, Seth has gone from opening act to headlining his own shows and playing major festivals. He has shared the stage with artists as diverse as James Taylor, Ani DiFranco, Edwin McCain, Martin Sexton,... more

Despite his relatively young age, MPress recording artist Seth Glier is a seasoned troubadour. A singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who averages over 250 live performances annually, Seth has gone from opening act to headlining his own shows and playing major festivals. He has shared the stage with artists as diverse as James Taylor, Ani DiFranco, Edwin McCain, Martin Sexton, Emmylou Harris and Ryan Adams and has quickly become known for his passionate live sets and powerful command of both piano and guitar. His music has also caught the ears of fans, and critics alike, with USA Today stating that his “exquisite tenor echoes Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel.” Building on the acclaim of his Grammy®-nominated sophomore album “The Next Right Thing,” Glier’s subsequent record “Things I Should Let You Know” landed him his first Daytrotter session, was called “a genuine revelation” by Blurt Magazine, and was praised by M Music & Musicians Magazine for its “shimmering, seductive melodies.”

On his fourth album for MPress Records, If I Could Change One Thing (April 2015), Glier embraces a genuine modern-pop direction, marking a bold departure from his previous, more acoustic recordings and the beginning of an exciting relationship with Los Angeles-based producer/songwriter Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Joshua Radin, Dashboard Confessional). “Bill’s energy, drive, and experience gave me a safe place to get creative and tap into a deeper part of my inner voice that has yet to be heard on any of my previous albums.” The album includes a gorgeous duet with American Idol’s Crystal Bowersox, as well as musical appearances by Pat Matera (Katy Perry) and Daniel Rhine (Sara Bareilles). Featuring collaborations with renowned songwriter Trent Dabbs (“Girls Chase Boys” / Ingrid Michaelson), hitmaker Steve Seskin (Tim McGraw, Peter Paul and Mary, Peter Frampton), and Alex Wong (Delta Rae, Vienna Teng), If I Could Change One Thing merges genres seamlessly, with universal songs about falling in and out of love and social action that capture a songwriter and performer at the peak of his young abilities.

As an advocate for Musicians On Call and a national spokesperson for ChildFund International who has helped over 200 children find sponsors, Seth has become increasingly comfortable expressing his social beliefs, both onstage and off. He participated in the 2012 ROCK THE VOTE Road Trip, and took home Best Social Action Song for his track “The Next Right Thing” at the 11th Annual Independent Music Awards, his second IMA win. For his 2013 Things I Should Let You Know Release tour, he teamed up with Autism Speaks and raised over $5,000 for the not-for-profit organization. The last two years have also garnered Seth musical placements on television (Lifetime and Bravo), as well as coveted slots on the Cayamo Cruise, at the Penang Jazz Festival in Malaysia, and as a performer for former House Speaker Eric Cantor.


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