Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours

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  • Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours

    This show was on Feb 7th, 2014 | 54 people watched
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    • Feb 14
      Really enjoyed the opportunity to see Antsy live since I couldn't get to Berkeley for the Show. It was fun chatting online during the show with other fans. The sound quality was good although not very loud, and the picture was good. It would have been fun to see the audience at least while the band wasn't playing, since I probably knew quite a few of them. It would have been even more fun if our chat would show up behind the band on a screen and would have then been more interactive. Maybe next time? I'm a big fan of Antsy and his band and would have enjoyed the interaction. All in all a good time. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
    • Feb 14
      Great show!
    • Mar 1
      Loved it!
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Singer, songwriter, humorist and small town philosopher Antsy McClain writes what he knows: The good life.

Staging his live shows from a small, fictitious trailer park called Pine View Heights (patterned after his own childhood surroundings and experiences), McClain is free from an over-abundance of material things and appreciates time with family and friends.

Sharing his... more

Singer, songwriter, humorist and small town philosopher Antsy McClain writes what he knows: The good life.

Staging his live shows from a small, fictitious trailer park called Pine View Heights (patterned after his own childhood surroundings and experiences), McClain is free from an over-abundance of material things and appreciates time with family and friends.

Sharing his mantra of "Enjoy The Ride," McClain has won friendship and collaboration with some of the most talented musicians in the world. With such a wide circle of mentors like Waylon Jennings, Tommy Smothers, guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel and cowboy poet Baxter Black, it's no wonder McClain marches to the beat of a different drum. And his influences don't stop there. His live shows touch upon Country, Rockabilly, Jazz, Swing, and a number of Pop culture references.

McClain's poetry, heart-felt ballads and humorous tales have garnered praise from such artists as Guy Clark, Willie Nelson, Lindsay Buckingham, and David Wilcox, to name a few.

After a Nashville record deal proved unfruitful in 1999, McClain took the reins himself and blazed one of the industries first fiercely independent campaigns, producing some of Americana's most innovative projects, and cleverly relying on fan involvement (They call themselves Flamingoheads) to finance each album, and help promote live shows and events.

Before music found him, Antsy was an award-winning illustrator and designer for book and magazine publishers. As the DIY movement took hold, McClain was one of the first artists of note to not only record, mix and produce his own albums, but to serve as art director and designer for everything involving his music career; from CD package design to website design to merchandise. The band's t-shirts are looked at as one-of-a-kind boutique item originals, often signed and numbered when sold.

When accused of being a control freak, McClain flashes a guilty look, but dissuades the dig by saying, "I've always just tried to save myself money. I was a self employed guy with five kids. We had an agreement that my wife was to be home while they were young, and it worked out great. But I didn't have a thousand dollars to pay somebody for a logo. If I was going to have one, I'd have to do it."

Calling himself "a life enthusiast," Antsy McClain is eager to see what's around every corner, and watches the horizon intently for each new change that takes place.

"My life is my art," explains Antsy, "I am painting my life one day at a time, one brush stroke at a time. As I spend time with my wife and children, or as I go on the road toward new places to make new friends, as I write a new song, as I draw or paint something for people to look at and enjoy... This is my life, and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to share it with music, with words and with pictures."

McClain looks out the window as a car whirs past, "I am enjoying the ride."

REVIEWS of Antsy McClain and The Trailer Park Troubadours
“Antsy McClain is a hard-country troubadour with some connections. Tommy Emmanuel plays on several tracks and Lindsey Buckingham sings harmony on Time-Sweetened Lies. Creative, rootsy, and wonderful. If you like it served 100 proof, step right up.” – Robert K. Oermann, Music Row News, Nashville

“Antsy McClain is one of the few songwriters I know who can write a song about pretty much anything. There aren’t many topics he’s afraid to tackle.” – Sleepy John Sandidge, KPIG Radio, Santa Cruz, CA

“Antsy McClain raises the standard of trailer park culture, seeing the lifestyle as an extension of America’s pioneer spirit as we conquered the Old West. His band, the Trailer Park Troubadours, take this legacy and put it to song, calling it folkabilly and keeping their roots solidly in rock and roll.” – April Helmer, The Express Times, Easton, PA

“With musical influences ranging from Woodie Guthrie to Waylon Jennings to Van Halen to Cake, one can’t help but be intrigued by their lively, colorful songs of life in America’s most forgotten neighborhood – the trailer park. With song titles like ‘It Ain’t Home Til You Take the Wheels Off,’ and ‘She Took the Mobile Outta Mobile Home,’ the band will sing about the pleasures and heartaches of American trailer park life.” – The Desert Advocate, Phoenix, AZ

“Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours combine the dueling, rustic guitars of Americana/rock with clever ballads and anthems dedicated to the values of America’s simplest aspirations. A master of imagery, McClain encircles you with Pintos, mosquito bites, corn dogs smothered in Velveeta, flamingo lawn ornaments, and small town carnivals, leaving you little time to switch from recklessly doing the twist to crying in your beer.” – Amanda Martinez, Good Times Weekly, Santa Cruz

“The Troubs make it a matter of honor to turn around the negative stereotypes of working-class folks as perpetrated by ‘Cops’ and ‘Jerry Springer.’ They’ve even gone so far as to play benefits to save trailer parks from development.” – Santa Cruz Sentinel

“The band played a James Brown-style introduction for the men behind the madness, and when they strutted on stage from the back hallway of the Little Fox Theater it was either the immediate kazoo solo or their clothes — a menagerie of plaid and polka dots — that let you know you were in for something different.” – Leah Barvels, San Mateo Daily Journal

“For the dynamos to sell out both nights in their third appearance in Grass Valley within a year, and on Memorial Day weekend, no less - when numerous music listeners were either out of town or fulfilling obligatory holiday commitments - is testament to the Troubs' reputation of knowing how to satisfy their fans, many of whom follow the animated band from gig to gig. Their shows combine great comedy and superb musicianship. Audience members clapped, pounded their feet, howled and egged the Troubadours on with shouts of "amen" and whistles. They delivered almost three hours of banter; trailer park-themed songs about life, love and loss; poetry readings and a fair share of aerobic dancing.” – The Union, Grass Valley, CA

“These self-proclaimed ''sons of hitches'' are bona fide musicians, songwriters and performers. If you're not singing along by the time the reprise of ''It Ain't Home'' rolls around, you'd better check your fun-o-meter.” – Tucson Citizen

“Besides pulling audience members up on stage to dance, lead singer Antsy McClain spent a good portion of the show in the aisles working the crowd. With his impromptu comedian-with-guitar persona, Antsy put on a performance that seemed more like he was entertaining among his pals inside one giant trailer.” – The Metro Active, Santa Cruz, CA

“These guys have made quite a name for themselves on a variety of different levels, creating music that is surprisingly accessible and upbeat. This album is exactly what the title suggests: recorded live in concert. McClain and the Troubadours are obviously crowd pleasers, as is evidenced by the reaction from the audience on this album.” – Baby Sue Magazine

“The Troubs’ songs are a lot of fun, and they manage to have a good time singing about trailers without ever sounding condescending. As far as live albums go, “Living in Aluminum” is an excellent recording. If you like quirky fun music that is performed by guys who are excellent musicians, this is for you!”– 1340 Magazine

“When I first looked into the Trailer Park Troubadours, I was prepared for them to be funny. What I wasn't prepared for was these guys are flat-out GREAT. Their humor is obvious. When they sing songs like "My Baby Whistles When She Walks" (it's not what you think), it's a scream. But then, a few songs in, you hear something as poignant and rich as "Primer Grey Impala," you kinda sit up and take notice. These guys can really, REALLY, play and sing.” – Take Country Back,

“Their approach might be old fashioned, but their appeal isn’t. In the songs of the Trailer Park Troubadours, there’s plenty of good natured humor and storytelling.”– Lexington Herald Leader

“Expect to be entertained...You’ll get what you came for.” – Bluegrass Magazine

“Even though they play tunes such as Wreck of the Bookmobile and It Ain't Home 'Til You Take The Wheels Off, this band is extremely good musically. They just can’t help being funny.” – The McNeese Arts Series, Lake Charles, Louisiana

“Antsy McClain is a storyteller of the highest degree. Every song is a vivid portrait of Americana, painted with poetry so effortless and clever, you’ll find yourself being pulled along happily into the world of The Trailer Park Troubadours.” – James Dellasandro, Screenwriter, author of Bohemian Heart and 1906

“Outside of maybe the good Doctors Hook and Demento, ain't nobody ever heard anything quite like this. Way Cool World is sixteen of the most refreshing tracks you're going to hear on any CD this year or next. This is one CD that won't stay out of my changer no matter how many others are clamoring to be heard and reviewed. It’s the coolest CD I've heard in maybe ever. Go get your copy today, and thank me tomorrow.” – Mike Smith, Rockzilla,

“The Trailer Park Troubadours are hysterically funny, fast-paced, and fresh.” – West Side Theater, Newman, CA


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