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  • Melissa Ferrick: Friday's by the Fire

    This show was on Jan 27th, 2017 | 151 people watched
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    • Jan 27
      Hey! So, my favorite moment of the show... without a doubt, the moment that I could see and hear you. And it just went up from there :) Thank you so much for playing my request of House On Fire, it was amazing. And if I could just get real with you for a minute, Melissa... this has been probably the shittiest year of my life so far. My health has been on a major decline, my father died, and then we got this shitbag of a douche in office. My point is that I have been oceans away from any feelings of genuine happiness for quite awhile now. But with unreal consistency, seeing you play live stirs up my heart and my spirit in ways that nothing else does. I hope that doesn't sound creepy to you, I'm just trying to express my appreciation and gratitude. I'll always support your work :) Thank you for everything! With much love, Amy Shay
    • Jan 28
      Although there were some technical issues, the performance itself was fantastic. The interaction and genuine-ness of Melissa makes it seem like she is playing for her friends. I still remember where I was some 20+ years ago when I picked up Massive Blur...something drew me to picking up this unknown-to-me artist over the 1000's of other cds in the store. Other favorites have come and gone, but Melissa has always had staying power with me
    • Jan 30
      What was your favorite part of the performance?this type of venue showcases Melissa at her best. Melissa and her guitar, her own songs, her complete lack of ego, her natural genuine connectedness and desire to just play for her fans . The intimacy of this venue is better than a live physical venue although those are good for being amongst other people.. but as for listening to Melissa play live, this concert window is hard to beat. Melissa is a very unpretentious and generous performer, she also clearly values and respects her fans. The concert window technical hiccups did not faze her in the slightest as she quickly fixed the issues, keeping us all updated at the same time and replaying a song. Her experience and professionalism shone through. I like this venue for Melissa and, in writing this, I realize that my donation did not match my appreciation of Melissa 's performance and music. Next time..
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  • Melissa Ferrick

    This show was on Dec 9th, 2016 | 165 people watched
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    • Dec 9
      I loved every bit of her concert
    • Dec 10
      I love that you do these shows. It enables those of us that can't make it to a regular show a chance to enjoy your music. You are my favorite artist. Very talented. Love the personal touch of you being able to read the viewer comments and respond, as well as take requests.
    • Dec 10
      What was your favorite part of the performance? It was so great! Very interactive, and I loved that part of it! It also went way longer than I expected which was a bonus treat! Totally worth it, and we will be tuning in again! Thanks!
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Melissa Ferrick's 12th original album is a coming home. She has arrived in a place musically that is both familiar and new. Melissa is a better writer, engineer, producer, and overall artist. The self-titled album is, in many ways, a new beginning for Ferrick. Written in just over a year, recorded at home, and released on her own relaunched label, Right On Records, Ferrick has given us a... more

Melissa Ferrick's 12th original album is a coming home. She has arrived in a place musically that is both familiar and new. Melissa is a better writer, engineer, producer, and overall artist. The self-titled album is, in many ways, a new beginning for Ferrick. Written in just over a year, recorded at home, and released on her own relaunched label, Right On Records, Ferrick has given us a simple, eloquent, and honest acoustic album with an undeniable level of maturity. For long-time fans, this will be a welcome new arrival. For those who are just discovering Ferrick, this is a superb way to be introduced. A completely solo effort in its process, creation, and release, Melissa Ferrick is marking the middle of her career with a perfect return to songwriting, and to herself.
Melissa grew up in Ipswich, MA during the 70's, playing the violin and going to jazz clubs on the North Shore with her father, who managed local bands. In elementary school, she learned to play trumpet and bass guitar, which led the way to songwriting in high school. At 16, Melissa was accepted into the New England Conservatory's Youth Orchestra and Wind Ensemble as a trumpet player, giving her the opportunity to tour with the Conservatory's Extension Division, which traveled to perform in California and China. She was accepted to Berklee College of Music on songwriting and trumpet scholarships and chose to continue her music education there from 1988-1990. After two years playing Boston's local rock club scene, Melissa left school and moved to New York City. In 1990, Melissa lived on 14th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, playing at the Bitter End weekly and working at Right Track Recording studios and Chrysalis Records to learn the ropes of the business. In July of 1991, Melissa's phone rang and she was asked to open that night for Morrissey in Boston on his his “Kill Uncle” tour. She was invited to finish the U.S. dates with Morrissey and to continue on to the U.K. as his opening act. When she returned to the States, at 20 years old, she was offered deals with three major labels.
Melissa signed with Atlantic Records, and in 1993 she released her debut album, "Massive Blur." After her sophomore effort, "Willing to Wait," was released in 1995, Melissa was dropped by Atlantic Records. She regrouped and released three albums on Boulder, CO based W.A.R.? Records. In 2000, Ferrick founded her own label, Right On Records, and released a string of Albums and EPs. In 2010, before almost going bankrupt, Ferrick put her own label on hold and signed with NY based MPress Records. Melissa released two albums with MPress, 2011's "Still Right Here" and 2013's "the truth is.” Still Right Here debuted on Billboard’s Heat-Seekers Album Charts, won an 8th annual International Acoustic Music Award (IAMA), and garnered two Independent Music Award (IMA) nominations. The title track’s music video premiered on the launch of Huffington Post’s Gay site and won two RightOutTV awards. Ferrick was also a featured music honoree in OUT Magazine’s OUT100 – focusing on artists who make an impact on the community. 2013's "the truth is" was the first self-produced album since 2004 and an evolution in the sound she had developed over the course of her career. The record was also a creative departure in its collaborative approach to the recording process, hiring grammy award winning engineer Trina Shoemaker to mix the album remotely from Alabama and Independent Mastering to master the album from Nashville. The result was a sweeping Americana/Alt-Country record that won the 2014 Independent Music Award for Alt-Country Album of the Year Fan Vote.
Ferrick is also an eight-time Boston Music Award winner and regarded by the industry and her peers as one of the most prolific and hardworking artists in the business. Ferrick tours regularly and plays throughout North America, performing upwards of 100 shows a year. She has shared the stage with Morrissey, Marc Cohn, Paul Westerberg, Dwight Yoakam, John Hiatt, Weezer, Tegan and Sara, G-Love & Special Sauce, Bob Dylan, Dan Bern, Ani DiFranco, k.d. Lang, Suzanne Vega, Shawn Colvin, Joan Armatrading, Mike Doughty, The Indigo Girls and many others.
Melissa is booked nationwide by Right On Records Booking.
Melissa is also a part-time Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.


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