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  • Karly Dawn and Little Sarie

    This show was on Feb 7th, 2014 | 34 people watched
    • Feb 12
      If there was 10 stars I'd give the concert a BIG 10!!! Those two gals Old Time Country to the core. We had so much fun watching them because they were having fun and it showed. They can harmonize beautifully and Oh how they can pick!!! We liked the instant posting from the rest of the viewers and being able to request your favorite songs was a plus. And Karly and Sarah played all of the requests. The only problem was it just wasn't long enough...HA. We could have listened another 2 hours easy!!! ..
    • Feb 15
      Their sound is so pure!! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! Karly Dawn and Little Sarie are both talented musicians and singers with the personalities that make them fun, well-rounded entertainers!
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  • Sarah Wood

    This show was on Jan 26th, 2014 | 24 people watched
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    • Jan 26
      It was a very pleasant show. An hour and a half of down home music sung by two very talented people. Looking forward to another Sarah Wood concert.
    • Jan 27
      Enjoyed the concert but had to leave in the middle, because I expected a 1/2 hour show (My bad) Sometimes the banjo drowns out Sarah's voice. She's good on the banjo, but of course her singing is the more important part of any song. She seems to be 1 out of 100: 99 singer-song writers for each performer who sings old songs and ballads.
    • Jan 27
      Wonderful concert! I enjoyed it greatly! Thank you Sarah and Tom (and the CW folks) for a flawless concert!
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This 1 hour solo show will feature Appalachian and Irish ballads, some fun Old Time Kentucky songs and tunes, and a couple gospel numbers (since it is Sunday after all!). The show will be family friendly (apart from a little bit of murder in the ballads ... a lot of murder in the ballads). For more information on Sarah's upcoming album visit:

Sarah Wood, from Greenup County, Kentucky, first learned guitar from her parents. In high school she took up her father’s banjo and started learning three-finger style. While in college at Morehead State University, Sarah studied clawhammer banjo, fiddle, and singing at the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music, and began collecting Appalachian and Irish ballads. She has performed with Jesse Wells and the KCTM in Ireland and appeared in the Kentucky Historical Society’s Banjo Masters series. As part of the duo “Karly Dawn & Little Sarie” she has appeared at a number of regional festivals and on Red Barn Radio.


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