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  • nana5cat: DHC - Are all of the presentations on You Tube? I am always getting interrupted.... The joys of watching at home.
  • ermini: Terrific and imaginative!
  • nana5cat: Great job, Sally!!!! Aloha.
  • DHC: This is Stephanie Evans
  • nkburmeister: Did Sally compose these excerpts herself?
  • DHC: Nkburmeister - that story that Sally told and the music is her arrangement of one my storypieces
  • DHC: This is Jana Kozlowski: and the video is here
  • DHC: This harpist is Katherine Harrison - and her video isn't online yet.
  • DHC: Her current project is to develop a mini-showpiece she'll be presenting at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • DHC: At the Edinburgh Fringe she'll be working with the "Secret Circus" ...
  • DHC: So, in a sense she's running away with the Secret Circus.
  • nana5cat: Am I the only one who cannot make out what these video presenters are saying?
  • DHC: This is Nicole Mueller and you can see her video here:
  • DHC: It's hard to hear them nan5cat - that's why I'm giving the links when I have them ...
  • DHC: much easier to hear here in the theater live.
  • DHC: But I'll recap what they talked about Nana5Cat so you'll get a sense of what they were saying.
  • nana5cat: Thank you' Love the Christmas adaptations.
  • Katherine: Hi DHC this is Katherine :-)
  • DHC: HI Katherine! So happy to see you here!
  • Katherine: very excited!
  • DHC: Any tips that come in will be going direct to the theater
  • Janschgi tipped $2!
  • Katherine tipped $10!
  • nkburmeister: LOVE the jazzy Christmas music!
  • ermini: Jazzy and joyful . . . great!
  • DHC: Thanks Jana and katherine!
  • ermini: Great!!!
  • nkburmeister: Gorgeous! Thanks Robbin!
  • DHC: That was Robbin Gordon-Cartier
  • nana5cat: Is the Summertime arrangement one of Robbin"s own? Or is it out there??
  • DHC: This is Pumehana Wadsworth
  • Katherine: i loved that Robbin!
  • DHC: Nana6cat - I don't know if it's her's but you can connect with her at
  • Katherine: Pume - hana!!!
  • nana5cat: Thank you!! She is amazing.
  • Katherine: I can't believe she's doing that on lever harp - i play it on pedal but am terrified to do it with levers!
  • nana5cat: I have heard her play Scott Joplin, but do not know what harp she was playing. Lever genius!!!
  • DHC: Thank you Altosrule!
  • ermini: Wonderful, personal, and meaningful!
  • Altosrule : DHC you were as usual very entertaining during the transitions. Brava!
  • drachael: thrilled to join your presenters today...great show....muchos felicidades...and to you deborah...wonderful work...gracias
  • ermini: Applause to all!! Bravi, tutti!
  • DHC: Any questions out there?
  • ermini: Just one more question about the snowball mic . . . where do you place the mic and is it wireless to the sound system?
  • ermini: Also, a comment . . . everyone did a great job! I love how everyone brings their own perspective. I also loved the format -- opening the program and ending the program with spiritual, inspirational stories.
  • ermini: We are all unified with our passion for the beautiful sound of the harp -- it speaks to us on a deep and profound level.
  • Katherine: thanks everyone :-)
  • ermini: OK -- thanks!! LOL!!

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    • Jan
      Aug 13
      What was your favorite part of the performance? I loved the uniqueness of each artistic expression. The stories behind each project were told so effectively. What a beautiful opening Kathy offered, setting the stage for everyone else to show how they are dream creators. Betsy had me with "Have you seen my sister?.....really the interplay of theatrical storytelling and harping. Alexander's composition was utterly captivating and that she has published the music so others can enjoy playing it is a big bonus. The European videos were very engaging. Kudos to Janna and Catherine for offering their early efforts. Janna's (spelling?) video made me listen very carefully to the layers of meaning she was offereing with her spoken story and sometimes nearly inaudible musical track. Intriquing. adventures you are having. Nicole....stunningly brilliant....a joy to watch and listen....thanks for rewriting Christmas music. Summertime by Robbin was sultry and delicious. Loved your proclamation at the end ...."and I am a concert harpist!". YES. out for her wild and crazy alter ego. Thank you for your willingness to let your hair down. Very fun! Teddy....such a beautiful labyrinth you have created. Loved how the initial slide focused on the flower motif and the whole labyrinth was not revealed until well into your story. "My Life Flows On"....such a beautiful song and healng expression to be born from the schrapnel of a tragedy. Sally just rips with the portable electric. Wow to everyone, and hope I didn't leave anyone out. Oh! and loved Deborah's musical telling of the story behind the stories...artfully spinning these works in progress into a colourful tapestry of soul expression! Kudos everyone.
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My official blurb: "Deborah Henson-Conant is an electric harp virtuoso with a wicked sense of humor, a gutsy set of vocal chords and theatrical flair."

Want more? You can see videos of what I do and learn more about me at my website http://www.HipHarp.


My official blurb: "Deborah Henson-Conant is an electric harp virtuoso with a wicked sense of humor, a gutsy set of vocal chords and theatrical flair."

Want more? You can see videos of what I do and learn more about me at my website http://www.HipHarp.' target='_blank'> http://www.HipHarp.


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