Juicy Juju

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Past shows

  • Erin Harpe Acoustic Duo Concert with Jim Countryman

    This show was on Feb 25th, 2019 | 19 people watched
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    • Feb 25
      Good show.
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  • Erin Harpe Solo Acoustic Fundraiser

    This show was on Jan 14th, 2019 | 42 people watched
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    • Jan 14
      Quality was good, and the audio/video never stuttered. Sound was very good. Nat Stevens
    • Jan 14
      Whenever I get a chance to see Erin it's great. Don't get to see her play and sing the blues often but let's all wish her best of luck in the event!!!
    • Lee
      Jan 15
      having Erin in my parlor for a private concert and having her cat join in.
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