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  • TommyZipcode: I wonder what employers think about the personality profiles they get from a network whose CEO can't handle the truth I say about him--does that make me unemployable
  • TommyZipcode: and what does it make him?
  • TommyZipcode: a coward
  • TommyZipcode: no wonder US democracy is extinct like the packiderms
  • TommyZipcode: Cloning the jurasics, anyone in for it?
  • TommyZipcode: E Plebnista Zucky baby --you've got to be a Trekkie
  • TommyZipcode: ahh tu madre es Maya no es Buddha
  • TommyZipcode: and you have one less testicle than Hitler
  • TommyZipcode: Does this Mike work--tap tap tap
  • mlmarmer: Chill out, thank you
  • TommyZipcode: if censored her you can always catch me on the subway but never begging I work harder than you
  • TommyZipcode: see my youtube channel Toiletman Superhero for my work--by next week what would have been here will be there
  • mlmarmer: Chill out
  • TommyZipcode: alright..
  • TommyZipcode: how could I not be chill it's ten degrees outside
  • mlmarmer: Thank you
  • TommyZipcode: C'est la guerre interne
  • TommyZipcode: it's only my carreeron the line
  • TommyZipcode: or not on the line'
  • TommyZipcode: I did write a routine and compose music for this
  • TommyZipcode: Worked to solve tech problems from this end
  • TommyZipcode: but if it is a tech problem with the stream I won't bust your balls --if unintentional
  • TommyZipcode: I'll wait for another ten
  • TommyZipcode: but if it is the case where someone is blocking me please inform me --I work too hard --to be hacked and have my life and career destroyed
  • TommyZipcode: what do you mean the stream is being broadcast elsewhere? I clicked on the web tab and still nothing
  • TommyZipcode: and what does Del Mute mean?
  • mlmarmer: You on drugs?
  • mlmarmer: Show is coming in just fine for me.
  • mlmarmer: Its great
  • TommyZipcode: no this is my show and I'm not braodcasting
  • TommyZipcode: great?
  • TommyZipcode: I haven't begun?
  • mlmarmer: GOOD! Have a nice life, stay where you are
  • TommyZipcode: do you work for concert widow
  • mlmarmer: Good night, where ever you are, I see you have a large audience.
  • mlmarmer: Concert Widow, did someone die?
  • TommyZipcode: I'm going to have to end the broadcast --forgive me if anyone was expecting their life to be changed by it LOL but --I can not perform and not see myself monitored or have any contact with anyone but one person questioning my sobriety
  • TommyZipcode: if there are no viewers and the 231 number is fiction OK but ...I need some one to validate that I am broadcasting or not
  • TommyZipcode: I'm giving you 3 minutes to respond then --I am ending the broadcast-or attemtpted boadcast
  • TommyZipcode: I am not a massochist and never will be --so I have to say good night and good luck
  • mlmarmer: It's more of your intelligence in the way you write and complain about things that is really sad. I never heard of you before, as its more of curiosity of what nonense this might be and I see it is just nonense by the way you "speak" with no grounds.
  • mlmarmer: You take care of yourself.
  • TommyZipcode: It's my show and from my end I am not broadcasting --is there something I need to know
  • TommyZipcode: or did someone hijack my broadcast--it is you that are sounding nonsensical
  • TommyZipcode: I see you are the only viewer --or I am the only viewer tell me that
  • TommyZipcode: the 213 number are previous views?
  • TommyZipcode: are you waiting for viewers?
  • TommyZipcode: I can take rejection but having no viewers is not really rejection --no one has seen it LOL WTF I should still be up broadcasting for people browsing the channels
  • TommyZipcode: good night and good luck--zippy
  • kimberly7367c: hey dear, i'm Kimberly, please rate my private photos here -


Walk a mile in my shoes and your feet will stink too


Walk a mile in my shoes and your feet will stink too


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