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  • natoliskip: Love the Christmas Song
  • tim-riley: I think that's a George Straight song. I think
  • davidmkraut: Good night everybody. Great concert!
  • ELYSE: Jim and Walter...a precious evening of unbelievable entertainment. You two will never know just how good this came through to your audience. We all love you....See you ion January.. Don (and Elyse)
  • tim-riley: Yes. The Christmas song is from the George Strait album Merry Christmas Wherever You Are. It's on iTunes
  • AndyZ: I enjoyed the Kitchen Concert last month. This should be fun.
  • KathyMac: Season 2! 👍🏼
  • RichardSpano: Hey, watching in my studio
  • tim-riley: Late 60s. Theme from Midnight Cowboy but Fred Neil wrote it a few years before.
  • RNPost: 1968
  • patti88: Beautiful!!!
  • tim-riley: Vocal is just great
  • tim-riley: Piano is also just fine in the mix
  • patti88: Vocal is perfect (In my opinion!)
  • natoliskip: Vocal's great, piano a little hot.
  • tim-riley: Piano a little hot on the upbeat numbers. Fine on a song like Bernadette
  • natoliskip: Yup!
  • KathyMac: Wish you were mic’d. Loving it so much
  • RichardSpano: Watching on our recording studio monitor and speakers. A little hot in spots but very cool. One mic?
  • tim-riley: Just the video camera mic for these kitchen sessions. Very simple set up Richard
  • KathyMac: That was absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing yourselves with us
  • KathyMac: On Bowers & Wilkins here. Love it
  • tim-riley: You did Rainy Sunday last time. I don't think you did Montego Bay. Anyone?
  • RichardSpano: Does he still do “Down from the Mountain”?
  • tim-riley: If you ask nice. :)
  • RichardSpano: This is me asking....nicely🎶❤️
  • tim-riley: I'll make sure Jim reads this for next week.
  • RichardSpano: Oh, my...1969 Maria REGINA HS. and Guy Phillips here in Va Beach. Jim’s is the definitive version. Thank you thank you.
  • AndyZ: ❤️
  • tim-riley: Riley backup singers (from Songman 2000) are singing loud at home.
  • RichardSpano: and I made more than $75 as RM...I think it was $95... and my very first airplane ride when the “tour “ went to Rochester or Syracuse in the snow in a tiny 11 seater...
  • tim-riley: :D
  • KathyMac: Awesome music.
  • natoliskip: I'm in Timmy!
  • tim-riley: Just Irene and me tonight but we had two harmony parts going. On the record Devin Sean and Brian sang too but they're not here so you're in Skip
  • RichardSpano: “Gulf of Mexico” is in his email box in moments...
  • natoliskip: Thanks Tim!!!!
  • KathyMac: It was 1970, Richard :)
  • RichardSpano: Wow...the good earth concert at the high school was in 68 ? Syracuse in 1970? Thanks, Kathy!
  • RichardSpano tipped $2!
  • RichardSpano: Is it on yet? Not getting it
  • RichardSpano: Ah, just saw the Facebook post cancelling. Hope all is ok.❤️

Past shows

  • Jim's Kitchen 'Scratchin the Rock'. Season Two. Episode One: Still Cookin, with Jim & Seth

    This show was on Jan 7th, 2019 | 23 people watched
    • Jan 7
      Great to see you two again ... making noise <3
    • Jan 7
      The music and the free spirit and the straw in his cocktail...
    • Jan 7
      Loved the show, Jim. I think Season 2 will be a lot of fun. It has always fascinated me, as an uncreative cretin who hasn't got a musical bone in his body, to get a glimpse behind the workings of the artist creating his or her art.
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  • Jim's Kitchen 'Scratchin the Rock'. Episode 33: The Replacement Concert

    This show was on Dec 17th, 2018 | 37 people watched
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    • Dec 17
      My favorite thing: Seeing your smiling face...even through my imperfect, often buffering internet
    • Dec 17
      I enjoyed it. It was fun to see the process. Seth and Jim work well together and seeing "behind the scenes" so to speak was fun.
    • Jan 7
      I was here. Good music guys. - Sara P.
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Jim Dawson writes and sings and plays and shares his music.
He plays guitar and piano.
His music is folk, pop, theater, gospel, country, and his songs cover all aspects of our human condition.


Jim Dawson writes and sings and plays and shares his music.
He plays guitar and piano.
His music is folk, pop, theater, gospel, country, and his songs cover all aspects of our human condition.


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