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  • Lift Up Your Voice! Watch on

    This show was on Dec 9th, 2018 | 13 people watched
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    • Dec 9
      I bought a ticket, but there is no stream
    • Dec 10
      So sorry - we discovered yesterday that Concert Window's app was no longer available and we were unable to broadcast on this platform. We have refunded any tickets you bought to yesterday's show. I hope some were able to see the show on Facebook!
    • Dec 11
      You know, maybe it sounds too normal. But your music let me draw again. Now I draw with pencils like these .And I will not be able to rearrange the draw, just like you do not stop singing.
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  • SingPositive

    This show was on May 20th, 2018 | 26 people watched
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    • May 20
      Bravo! Bravo! Please don't stop singing! So very beautiful and so very moving. The Bridge! Encore! The Bridge! One Day! I Can't Keep Quiet! The children! :) Yay! Mandala Rose! Yay! Cha Cha! Yay! My Jovie! YAYAYAY Joel! BRAVO! XOX
    • May 21
      Loved it all - it's a beautiful example of brotherhood, community sharing, and especially the bonding power of music
    • May 26
      I am a music teacher in a pubic elementary school and I really appreciate and enjoy seeing community performances like this. This group did a great job! I've done 2 of the songs with my groups ...Siyahamba and If I Had a Hammer. The audio and video feed were clear and strong and I was able To watch it on apple TV. Keep up the good work!
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