Faith Petric Memorial

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  • Faith Petric Memorial

    This show was on Jan 15th, 2014 | 140 people watched
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    • Jan 18
      The concert itself was definitely uneven in quality, but still my friend and I enjoyed it and enjoyed seeing people we knew decades ago performing. Couldn't get an uninterrupted streaming until I switched from "high" to "240," and that really helped. One of the people on chat suggested that solution to me. I've never watched a streaming concert before, this was the first time, but I'd do it again, definitely. It was great to "be there" and see old friends. Especially enjoyed Larry Hanks & Deborah Robins Hanks; John McCutcheon & Laurie Lewis; group with Susie Thompson playing fiddle; Ucapella (sp?); and the groups in general. The guy before Larry and Deborah was not in his element and was hard to sit through. Felt bad for him. Thanks for the opportunity to talk about the show.
    • Jan 22
      I may be biased, since I am a friend of Faith's and of many of the performers at this show, but I very much enjoyed the music, was touched by the warm tributes, and excited to see so many old friends. A wonderful goodbye to a great woman! Saul Broudy Philadelphia, PA
    • Feb 5
      Really worthwhile. I would have given five stars, but there were one or two sound glitches. I look forward to using Concert Window again! Easy sign on, and good video view of the performers.
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  • Suzy Thompson's Musical Journey

    This show was on Jan 8th, 2014 | 65 people watched
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    • Jan 9
      I thought the concert was wonderful. Suzy is such an inspiration. I really enjoyed her singing - the sound really was at perfect levels for the computer to transmit her wonderful voicing on the songs. It was a lot of fun. Roz
    • Jan 10
    • Mar 2
      Good show, and Suzy was very deserving.
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Friends, family & musical community celebrate the life of this wonderful folk trailblazer.


Friends, family & musical community celebrate the life of this wonderful folk trailblazer.


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