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  • TheWalkingRootsBand: If anyone has issues with connectivity and losing the feed, please send us an email at We will be video-recording some of the show, and we'll try to make those videos available to folks who have trouble.
  • TheWalkingRootsBand: And we apologize for the video quality. We are limited to the computer camera this time around. Next time we'll hopefully have something better figured out.
  • LouiseRanck: Want so much to be following . . . the feed is not working for me. Frustrated tears. . .
  • So frustrated -- feed is not working for me!
  • Ekanagy: Feed not working for me either.
  • Ekanagy: Giving up, tried multiple things. Will email and ask for videos. Would have loved the concert!
  • knisspl: feed is down, apparently, let us know how to get the video later...
  • johnsandy82: So sad to not be able to pull it up.
  • nicole210wr: hey dear, i'm Nicole, please rate my private photos here -

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  • TheWalkingRootsBand

    This show was on Dec 4th, 2016 | 21 people watched
    • Dec 4
      The feed did not work for me. Am SO VERY DISAPPOINTED ! !
    • Dec 4
      cant get it
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