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  • Austin City Jams (kirby): No problem.
  • I realize it is not your fault, or the Piemeister's fault. I'm sure missing Andrew's stories as well as the music. But nothing is making sense. Not enjoyable for me to stay here. Not asking for a refund. Wishing y'all better wi-fi and better weather.
  • the-renfrees: Thanks Jay... sorry for the poor experience.
  • the-renfrees: It is our goal to provide an enjoyable experience for our viewers, and will work to resolve the issues we faced in tonight's broadcast.
  • the-renfrees: Thanks y'all for tuning in. Our next show will be May 5th, featuring Renfree Isaacs. And it will be their official CD release of their new CD. We hope you'll join us for that event.
  • andrew-mcknight: I'm so sorry folks had trouble tonight! In case you want another shot at hanging out together, please join me Tues March 14th at 9pm eastern - my home to yours!
  • liberty-arts-live: After much research, we have determined that the quality and streaming issues we experienced during the Andrew McKnight show last month was due to the after effects of some sever storms in our area.
  • liberty-arts-live: We fully expect, barring bad weather, to be back to full speed for the Renfree Isaacs show on May 5th.
  • liberty-arts-live: You be looking good on my screen and sounding good in my ears! Play on you'uns!
  • liberty-arts-live: Well, it's been raining slow and steady at times over the last few days...maybe water got in the wires. We lost you here for a few seconds. Sorry. Weather is wet tonight. Don't forget that we archive highlights a few days after concerts. Thanks!
  • Ruth Feldberg: Enjoyed the show!
  • liberty-arts-live: Thanks Corey!
  • liberty-arts-live: Remember that you can tip the artist!
  • Daryl-BristolTN tipped $8!
  • Senta tipped $20!
  • liberty-arts-live: Thanks so much to each and every one of you that tunes in to support LIVE music from Liberty Arts! We LOVE YOU!!!
  • karenandsenta tipped $20!
  • AcousticMike: Greetings from Long Island, NY. Hi Pie and Patty!
  • mpankow1951: Well, if I can't be spending the evening with my wife, Patty, second best is watching her on a live streaming house concert.
  • liberty-arts-live: Welcome all to Liberty Arts LIVE!!!
  • mpankow1951: Hi!

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    • May 7
      What was your favorite part of the performance? We could not see any of it. I got a message that said media file failure. I may have paid twice trying to see it.
    • May 7
      What was your favorite part of the performance? Media file failure.
    • May 14
      Rj Cowdery show available to view in the 'From the web' section to the right.
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