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  • RoMa: and I'll follow you anywhere
  • RoMa: and I tried to say Cheshire Kitten
  • badger: OMG she did Marvin the Martian'
  • RoMa: YES she did
  • RoMa: *happy*
  • RoMa: I wish I didn't have to go to bed
  • RoMa: and I wish tomorrow wasn't going to suck
  • badger: <3
  • badger: I'm still glad you're here
  • RoMa: oh my witchy love?
  • RoMa: will you say a prayer or do a spell for me for tomorrow morning?
  • RoMa: I need all the support I can get
  • badger: I will.
  • badger: Will you state the truth?
  • RoMa: in the meeting tomorrow?
  • RoMa: *wants to be sure what you're asking*
  • badger: Yes.. don't be silent
  • badger: this busybody overstepping her bounds needs to be addressed.
  • badger: "personality conflict"\
  • badger: SOMETHING
  • RoMa: Yes. That's why I'm going early to catch three different Deacons who are also on my Pastoral Relations committee. Hopefully with our combined wisdom we'll walk into the Deacons meeting with a constructive way to do just that.
  • RoMa: she's claiming more power than she should, and that needs addressed.
  • badger: Yes.
  • RoMa: does all of that tell you what you need to know?
  • badger: I just want you to stand up for y ourself
  • RoMa: Yeah, I have been. But busybody keeps pushing and pushing and she's gonna turn it into something bigger than it has any right to be.
  • badger: And you need to bring that wrongful pushiness into the light
  • badger: Maybe she made a pass at you... and you did not respond and this is her revenge
  • RoMa: lol, no
  • RoMa: she's a typical bulldozer. And I don't roll over that easy.
  • RoMa: which pisses bulldozers off
  • RoMa: there's no middle ground with her, and I can't give her her way on everything
  • badger: Maybe someone needs to ask her WHY
  • badger: WHY are you saying these things?
  • badger: WHY are you overstepping your bounds?
  • badger: WHY do you feel this way?
  • RoMa: maybe
  • badger: well SOMETHING has to give, somewhere...
  • RoMa: my first step is to consult my Pastoral Relations folk--they know her better than I do
  • RoMa: and it has to happen before worship tomorrow morning
  • RoMa: because the meeting after worship needs to have some lines drawn
  • RoMa: is where some lines need to be drawn
  • badger: ok back tp skype
  • RoMa: ok
  • badger: yoo hoo
  • RoMa: can you see this? =)
  • badger: yes
  • badger: don't insult vampires?? Seriously????
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