Kyle Rogan

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  • UJ: You sound great...great seeing you.
  • UJ: I did that already...geez...
  • UJ: I liked that one.
  • UJ: Oh yeah...this is a good one.
  • UJ: Were you smelly on the cramped bus?
  • UJ: Another viewer just tuned in from Missouri...
  • UJ: Wait, did you do, 'The Mess' yet?
  • UJ: Nice...very good.
  • mike : sounding good
  • UJ: Subliminal message: SaranacAugustSaranacAugustSaranacAugustSaranacAugust....EastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTour
  • UJ: Are you sure?
  • UJ: Nice
  • UJ: It's Obama's fault...
  • UJ: That one reminds me of my ex-wife...
  • mike : that was fun
  • UJ: Sweet lyrics...beautiful
  • mike : I was going to ask you about that
  • UJ: Yeeeeahhhhh!!!!
  • UJ: EastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTour
  • kyle-rogan: Thanks everyone!
  • mike : thank you enjoyed it a lot Kyle take care
  • UJ: Love you nephew...EastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTourEastCoastTour
  • yo-yo-yo....where is the show?
  • stephanie167kb: hi dear, i'm Stephanie, please rate my private photos here - (registration required)

Past shows

  • Kyle Rogan @ Helm's Deep

    This show was on Oct 25th, 2015 | 5 people watched
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    • Oct 25
      Good job. Wish I could see it!
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  • Kyle Rogan Living Room Show

    This show was on Jun 13th, 2015 | 10 people watched
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