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  • Vital Signs Spring Concert

    This show was on Apr 18th, 2015 | 47 people watched
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    • Apr 19
      Poor connection and bad service. Started to tell us 20 minutes into concert of problems with no cure. Could not watch quality that poor Should refund
    • Apr 19
      video was great to see...but sound quality was lacking.
    • Apr 20
      Vital Signs were great, but sadly, the streaming was terrible. My initial attempt was using my computer, but this yielded the unstable video, which I saw others were commenting on in the chat area. One of the tips offered in the chat area was to switch to an iPad, which I did. The video was somewhat better, but the audio was terrible. I do not want to understate the disappointment I felt. I'd had the opportunity to sing in a concert in which Vital Signs was also participating in New York, and I was eager to hear them on their own. I look forward to other opportunities that may arise, of course; however, the promise of this streaming session was not fufilled, and I gave up trying after my attempts. Please note: although I did not continue with the concert because of the streaming difficulties, I am not seeking a refund; however, I do hope that your organization will work to resolve such technical problems before offering such events (not to mention charging for them.)
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  • Vital Signs' 2nd Annual Make-A-Wish Benefit Concert!

    This show was on Feb 21st, 2015 | 82 people watched
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    • Feb 22
      Could never connect!
    • Feb 23
      Loved the Vital Signs concert watching from Pittsburgh PA! The sound was great - just wish I could have been a little closer to the stage - It was hard to see their faces...couldn't distinguish the make a wish video...but overall loved the music & feeling the excitement of the performers & the crowd. Thank you so much!
    • Feb 23
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