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  • Crystal Bowersox

    This show was on Apr 25th, 2014 | 93 people watched
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    • Apr 26
      Write your review here…Crystal is an excellent talent, the sound was great. the location of the camera was poor-too far away. We do not need the Freight sign to be 50% of the picture.
    • Apr 26
      I wasn't able to watch it but listened to it at work it was a KICKASS concert!!!
    • Apr 27
      Crystal is incredible.
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  • Crystal Bowersox

    This show was on Sep 13th, 2013 | 56 people watched
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    • Sep 14
      How could you not love this rare, creative talent? That voice! Crystal was absolutely awesome, her band as well, and the broadcast terrific. So glad we had the opportunity to see her live at Johnson Hall in Gardiner, ME the night before and then caught the fact that Concert Window had this live webcast out of Natick, MA. Well done. Thanks! Love this girl!
    • Sep 15
      Crystal was awesome...very talented singer/songwriter! Her band is talented...BUT not a good match for her...their voices didn't blend well with hers :/... Monte Mar was much better...even better yet would the Chris Shutters band...Frankie May...Danny Johns....Ryan Suzuka....My video feed buffered frequently which was frustrating.
    • Sep 16
      Great to finally see Crystal live. What a great band she has and what a beautiful voice. Watched her stuff on youtube but really enjoyed listening to the banter in between songs too. Now I just need to see her live live. Please come to Seattle soon.
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Crystal Bowersox has made it her mission to live life and her music to the fullest. With a gentle warmth and
wisdom well beyond her years, the consummate artist has an uncompromising vision of herself and her music
that is refreshing and rare. “I believe if you stand for something, stand your ground; stand it strong and stand it
proud.” It is this fortitude and courageous... more

Crystal Bowersox has made it her mission to live life and her music to the fullest. With a gentle warmth and
wisdom well beyond her years, the consummate artist has an uncompromising vision of herself and her music
that is refreshing and rare. “I believe if you stand for something, stand your ground; stand it strong and stand it
proud.” It is this fortitude and courageous spirit that resonated with millions night after night when the 2010
American Idol runner up took the stage. There is a sincerity and authenticity about her that just can’t be
manufactured. The same can be said about her musical prowess, which has all the markings of a creative force
to reckon with who is in it for the long haul. Her rich amalgam of blues, country, folk and rock makes her one
of the most dynamic young voices in music to come along in years. She has performed alongside everyone from
Harry Connick Jr., Joe Cocker, and Alanis Morrisette, to Michael Franti, John Popper and BB King. All That
For This, Crystal Bowersox’s sophomore release and Shanachie Entertainment debut, is a powerful testament
to her talents as both a singer and songwriter, as well as her unerring musical vision. She confides, “I am more
proud of this body of work then anything I’ve done before. If this music can move someone to tears or makes
them smile, then I have really accomplished something. That's all I can ask for.”
All That For This is Crystal Bowersox’s emancipation from judgment. It is the manifestation of her own
womanhood and enlightenment won through hard fought battles, failures and triumphs. It is the belief that
listening to your own inner voice will lead you where you need to be. “I am learning not to judge music and
myself so harshly and to not allow myself to be swayed by other’s judgment. I'm trying to listen to my own
instincts more often. I can’t convince someone who doesn't like my music to like it, but for the people who do, I
want to play them another song,” she says smiling. Until now, the world has witnessed only a portion of Crystal
Bowersox’s talent, which was channeled through mainstream pop expectations on her debut release, Farmer’s
Daughter. With the highly anticipated release of All That For This (March 26, 2013), produced by Steve Berlin
(Los Lobos, Sheryl Crow, John Lee Hooker, Raul Malo), Bowersox exposes a new dimension of her music.
“There are definitely more happier light-hearted moments on this record,” confides the 27-year-old Portland
transport. “There are also touches of some of the darkest places and emotional states that I've been in my past.
This album reveals a much more grateful and gracious side of me. It's the next chapter of my life.”
Bowersox’s new recording is a finely crafted and beautifully arranged tapestry that illustrates the dynamic
singer’s keen ability to shape a narrative poetically and metaphorically, inviting listeners into her world. “I was
regularly obliterated by how powerfully Crystal can connect,” says Steve Berlin. “I can say that tears and goose
bumps were a fairly everyday occurrence."
All That For This showcases originals and co-writes with the exception of a lone cover by the 90s British Pop
group, The Sundays, which was suggested by Berlin. “My gut instinct told me it would be beneficial to work
with Steve and that I would learn something and the record would be all that I wanted,” explains Crystal.
“Steve brings everything to the table. He is a percussive genius. He thinks of rhythms that would never come to
me naturally.” Berlin, who admittedly did not watch American Idol and who was not familiar with Crystal,
quickly became a convert. “I really didn't know what to expect from Crystal as far as songwriting, but one listen
to the demos and I knew this was no amateur,” says Berlin. “She kind of blew me away with how intelligent
and soulful her writing was and once we got into the studio it was obvious she had an amazingly deep
connection to the material."
All That For This features many first unions but there is one in particular that was a special highlight for the
singer who is originally from Northwest Ohio. Jakob Dylan joins Crystal Bowersox for a duet on her hypnotic
country waltz “Stitches.” It was an experience she calls ‘wonderful.’ “I grew up a fan of the Wallflowers,” she
says. “I can remember wearing my headphones and walking down the property line on my moms farm listening
to Bringing Down The Horse. What his music did for me was give me a place to escape to when times were
tough. Working with Jakob was a truly a dream collaboration for me.” Other highlights include the lilting,
tender and affirming title track where Crystal croons, “All that I’ve been through was just a stepping stone to
where I’m going to…” She angelically sings about her faith in destiny and shows us that sometimes you just
have to follow your heart and trust that it will lead you down the right path. “My entire life has been
serendipitous. Each moment has led me to the next,” she explains. “There is little to question as to how I have
gotten to this place. I have let myself trust in the universe and my instincts have not led me wrong. I am
thankful I have learned to listen to my heart the way that I have.”
Bowersox rejoices on the sweepingly beautiful “Amen for my Friends,” speaking to the blessings of friendship.
She testifies, “I’ve been down. I’ve been out and nowhere. I’ve been on my knees begging for some kind of
peace. People come- people go but one thing's for sure, if I need you you’ll be there I know. Amen for my
friends!” All That For This also includes “Dead Weight,” featuring Crystal’s rich and emotive alto ringing truth
with the potent lyrics, ”If you don’t know I'll tell you now…Don’t go beating dead horses keep steady your
course.. if you're holding on to dead weight it's just holding you down.” Crystal penned the song “Till The
Whiskey’s Gone” with a dear friend of her husband’s, Austin musician Charlie King. She brings the heat on this
rocked out anthem, as only she can. The zen and funky “Fall Into Place” opens with an insatiable guitar riff and
Crystal makes her declaration for independence and bares all on the show stopping bluesy number “Moving
On.” Throughout Bowersox raises the bar as a triple threat adept at shining as a vocalist, composer and
guitarist. Steve Berlin adds, “She was never anything but amazing. Her time and feel were unerring and that's
her guitar you hear on every single track!”
Both Crystal Bowersox and Steve Berlin are Portland based and The City of Roses provided fertile ground for
their creative vision to germinate. With assistance from recording engineer Jeremy Sherrer, the duo called upon
many of the city’s finest cutting edge musicians to create an inspiring band. Some of the artists include
drummer Scott McPherson (Beck, Bright Eyes, She & Him), bassist Dave Depper (Loch Lomond, Blue Giant,
Mirah), guitarist Paul Rigby (Neko Case, A.C. Newman, Jakob Dylan) pianist/keyboardist Asher Fulero (Halo
Refuser, Everyone Orchestra) and vocalist and multi instrumentalist Jans Ingber (Norah Jones, Charlie Hunter,
Joshua Redman, Art Neville). “I’ve met a lot of great people working on this record,” states Bowersox. “From
my musical peers and others in Portland, I have learned so much from their attitudes about life and their work
ethic. It’s easier going here and that is something I really needed to incorporate into my life.”
As early as eight, Crystal Bowersox has recollections of hitting the karaoke hot spots with her mom, performing
Patsy Cline hits among others. She recalls, “Music was always there and there wasn’t anything else I ever
wanted to do.” Although the spotlight shone on Crystal when she appeared on American Idol, she was already a
seasoned veteran of the folk circuit before she was on the show. She began performing regularly at ten and by
her teens she was gigging steadily. In 2004 she relocated to Chicago where she spent several years honing her
skills on Chicago’s North Side, busking at train stations and performing at clubs and bars, as well as
2010 was a big year for Bowersox who placed second in one of the nation's biggest singing competitions,
married fellow musician and friend Brian Walker, and released her critically heralded Farmer’s Daughter. Her
recording debut was a powerfully moving and personally revealing recording that dealt with real life issues
including childhood abuse, love and life’s everyday challenges.
Crystal shares, “I feel like I’m finally achieving a sense of balance in my life and it's making itself evident in
my new material. My career is really still in its infancy and the possibilities are limitless. The silvery residue
from Idol has faded a bit and now it's all about what's true and real in my world. I'm paying way more attention
to the things that really matter and making more of my decisions based in kindness and love. My son has taught
me so much about that, how strong I can be, even in my weakest moments.” In 2012, Crystal was featured on
Blues Traveler's release, Suzie Cracks the Whip, where she performed a lively duet with Harmonica virtuoso
John Popper on the song "I Don't Wanna Go." She also quietly released an acoustic five song EP titled Once
Upon a Time with long time friend, bassist and collaborator Frankie May. The material featured pre-American
Idol recordings.
Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age six, Crystal Bowersox has played an active role in advocating awareness
and education for the disease. “Initially I did not want to dive into that role and tell the world. There were some
issues of shame and embarrassment. It’s a lonely disease, you feel like you’re the only one who has it
sometimes,” she says. “I want people to know that they are not alone and that people from all walks of life have
to deal with Type 1 Diabetes. I know what kids and adults with this disease are going through. I want people to
know that it is important to know how to care for your body. I am happy to be a voice. It brings joy to my world
to be able to help people.”
A busy mom who delicately juggles motherhood and a thriving music career, Crystal admits that the challenge
is not always easy. Understanding the importance of taking care of oneself and finding balance, she manages to
find the time to knit and do yoga, which she says has helped with both her blood sugar and performances. She
also loves to put her culinary skills to the test and has even thought about putting together her own cookbook.
She adds, “I am health conscious and I do my best to take care of my body in every way I can.” She also
believes in taking care of our planet. “Somehow this year I plan to wean our household off fossil fuel. Not sure
how quite yet but it's something that's important to me, and most important for my son, and all of our children.”
One of the most admirable attributes about Crystal Bowersox is her down-to-earth, no-nonsense, what-you-see
is-what-you-get vibe. She honestly loves the exchange with her audience and is thrilled to be hitting the road in
support of All That For This. “There is a world of difference when you get to meet people, look into their eyes,
hear their stories, share your own and make a connection. You can’t beat that.” With a new CD, national tour
and some high profile acting ambitions in sight for 2013, it looks like the sky is the limit. Bowersox concludes,
“I hope this music thing works out because I am a really bad waitress. I am rooting for music!”


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