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  • Manran

    This show was on Sep 24th, 2013 | 12 people watched
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    • Sep 25
      Talented young men...I enjoyed their music immensely.
    • Sep 25
      I thought that Manran was fantastic and I liked the way they played to the audience. They involved them and and encouraged them to let loose so that they could enjoy themselves to the fullest. Singing in the Gaelic language was incredible. I did have a problem with the sound and had to adjust the volume constantly between music and talking. They didn't seem to have vocal mikes so when they made a joke or introduced the next song, I had to increase the volume but turn it down for the song. I still wish the camera was operated so that they could zoom in or scan the stage but that would increase the cost of Concert Window. This is a great inception. Thank you.
    • Oct 17
      A thoroughly enjoyable concert. Like a very contemporary ceilidh band. Excellent musicians.
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