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  • JimBob tipped $2!
  • burlaplive: this is one of those songs that you know Laura really feels and means as she is singing it, not just up there singing words....I am sure a few eyes are watery here at B&B at the moment
  • Ryancohenmusic: Haha I'd love to work with Laur but am in my last semester of Nurse Practitioner school so I have to move on! This song is such a great tribute to her patient here, this is why she's so needed in a profession like hers.
  • burlaplive: it's beautiful
  • Ryancohenmusic: I was lucky to perform with Laura in 2015, i forgot how incredible these songs are.
  • burlaplive: yep, every time she's here it's a reminder of just how good she is
  • burlaplive: and for those who dont know Laura personally, she is always grateful and amazed that people come to hear her perform...
  • burlaplive: http://laurashay.com/
  • RobPeters: So great to get to see Laura again live. Thanks for the live stream.
  • burlaplive: you're welcome, I'm glad you could join us
  • burlaplive: Rob where ya living now that ya moved away from Philly?
  • RobPeters: Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • burlaplive: nice...have they opened up Wawas near ya?
  • RobPeters: They do have some, I'm not sure how close the nearest one is to me though.
  • burlaplive: I'm glad you saw the link on her page and can be with us tonight
  • RobPeters: Maybe I should look for one - I used to love their turkey bowls
  • burlaplive: :-)
  • burlaplive: God she's good...
  • RobPeters: Did she play What You Want in the first half? I missed most of it cause I didn't see the link till a while after it was posted.
  • burlaplive: I love the full band too
  • burlaplive: I dont recall.....anyone watrching know the answer?
  • Ryancohenmusic: Rob i'm flying down to Ft/lauderdale and Sarasota in a few days, whats the weather like!
  • RobPeters: much better the last couple of days Ryan. It had been cold last weekend but back to mid ot upper 70's. Some 80's too depending on when you're gonna be here.
  • burlaplive: Ryan I am guessing sunny with a possible shower in the afternoon
  • RobPeters: No - it's not summer no showers in the afternoon ;)
  • burlaplive: ahhh, okay
  • Ryancohenmusic: haha Bob, Thanks Rob, sounds good to me
  • HomeWardBound: It is beautiful down in South Florida. High 70's to mid 80's. I was in Ft. Lauderdale last week and in Fort Myers now, heading back to Philly tomorrow.
  • RobPeters: Yes has been beautiful the last couple of days. We had "winter" last weekend for 2 days.
  • burlaplive: just a little chilly here for the next few days John, mid 30s
  • burlaplive: All In Time
  • burlaplive: is the name of the movie, interesting little film and Laura is great in it
  • HomeWardBound: Toronto is my favorite up beat song of Laura's. Sounds great with the full band!
  • burlaplive: love hearing the full band
  • burlaplive: see, I told it amazes her that people come to listen to her, she is truly happy that people do and she always gives 100% when she is here
  • RobPeters: I would totally pay to come see her if I still lived up norht!
  • burlaplive: I'm glad I could bring this to those who couldnt be here
  • burlaplive: the other Bob, Bob beach is on sound tonight
  • burlaplive: it went well in rehearsal!
  • RobPeters: cranberries zombie
  • burlaplive: I dont know if I have ever heard Bruce actually sing this, I saw Patti Smith perform it back in tha day at the Tower Theater though
  • RobPeters: If you get to talk to her tell her I said hello!
  • burlaplive: I shall Rob
  • burlaplive: what an awesom night
  • HomeWardBound: Thank you Bob for streaming the show!
  • RobPeters: Thanks that was great!
  • burlaplive: not a surprise though
  • burlaplive: thankk you all for being here, g'night
  • nez40z: thanks for the show Bob

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      Always a special night listening to Laura Shay. She and her band were amazing and Burlap and Bean never sounded so perfect. Thank you Bob for your time filming, the broadcast was great. Lucky to have been listening tonight.
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Live music from Burlap And Bean Coffee's Open Mic Night every Wednesday. Also sharing select ticketed events, guaranteed great live performances from the best intimate music venue in the Philadelphia area.


Live music from Burlap And Bean Coffee's Open Mic Night every Wednesday. Also sharing select ticketed events, guaranteed great live performances from the best intimate music venue in the Philadelphia area.


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