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  •   Mermaid

    when I could hear it was better than good.But it was difficult to watch

  • Very entertaining. Sound a bit problematic but we really enjoyed it. Watched with friends who didn't know Christine and haven't seen David in years. they felt the same way.

  •   sashabu


  • I feel like I officially joined the 21st Century! On the same night I watched a live concert at home and figured out how to connect it to my TV and watched it on a large screen. There is no stopping me now! Chris and David were so funny and spontaneous ...and then stop us in our tracks with their deep and serious sides. I even enjoyed the small tech hiccups...reminding us we are really there in live time. I was not sure I was going to like the chat room...but I loved that too! You can't talk to your fellow audience memebers at a show until the intermission and by then you forgot what you wanted to say. The chat room gives you that opportunity...without getting shushed! Very cool. I'll still will go to live and in person shows, but when I need that concert fix...this is just perfect!

  • The sound could've been better

  • Superb! Thank you David and Christine for sharing your delightful talents and beautiful words with us. Can't wait till the next one.

  •   LorryL

    Great Show! After the first few minutes of technical glitches were ironed out (sound and sight both), the show turned into a blast. Both David and Christine are class acts, very original in their comments and songs, with great stories to tell, as well. Really enjoyed it.

  •   absesq

    Absolutely wonderful!

  •   Sarah

    Great Fun! Both so talented! Loved the songs and the patter. YAY!!!!!

  •   lehrman

    Didn't know David's stuff before, was very impressed. Christine, as always, a delight. More attention should be paid to the audio! Mics were often distorted, level went up and down. Do the artists have a way to test what it sounds like on someone else's computer before they go live?

  • Aside from minor technical difficulties, it was a terrific show! :)

  • Love the immediacy. Just as advertised, like a home concert. Technical problems a bummer.

  • though there were a few tech glitches up front, the artists were brilliant and delivered a full, excellent show.

  • I thought the performers were wonderful. Very talented and very entertaining. Can't wait for the next one. In regard to the technology, it was very frustrating. It took a very long time to get connected. For most of the time their voices and the video were not in sync. The stream also went out quite often. I'm glad it went over the hour because I was upset that I missed the first 23 minutes trying to log on. I actually logged on an hour early so I would be ready and it still had issues once it went live. Other than the technology, I thought it was a WONDERFUL evening. I'll be back...I promise!

  •   jana

    Brilliant entertaining fun!!!

  • the program was spontaneous and charming. The technical problems were annoying but over-shadowed by the music.

  •   DeanL

    Great show! Love them both!

  • Thoroughly enjoyable to watch these two veteran performer/positivists under the same bill: a great team. The tech stuff didn't bother me as I figured that they would keep tweaking till it worked out right. . . and they did.
    One suggestion for future concerts: agreed upon a performance mark and set camera and mic up to that mark. David was sitting and was perfectly framed as well as being the right distance away from the mic for no distortion; whereas Christine, because she was standing, was closer to both camera and mic and therefore didn't read visually or audibly as well. . . but was still awesomely awesome. ; )

  • aside from the tech problems at the top (cost you a star) it was like having an IPPOLITO-LAVIN television show. "hey lucy..." all the tuning/lyric bumps and hiccups just a wonderful part of being real. had a great time and well worth the stingy $7 i paid. the texting was a lot of fun too - and the fact that david or chris would hop online while the other was on camera was a nice plus. this IS the NEW television y'know...nps

  • I tuned it late to the show. My loss! What I saw was great!

  • Totally loving the Christine Lavin Laptop Concerts! There were a few technical issues at the beginning, but they really made up for it with awesome performances.

  •   nchayet

  • Was a great show. Sound was weird for a while, but great music!

  • Well, the music and personalities were great...
    But the audio was not. There was an awful imbalance of vocals and guitars so the words couldn't be distinguished and, at first, terrible overload of the audio input. Though the gain was corrected, there was still the imbalance which moving the mic didn't fully correct, and the room had poor acoustics. I was listening through studio monitors and it sounded like they were in a little box, which, actually, they were.
    They needed close miking of vocals and guitars, and a mixer.
    And a dry run to get the levels correct.
    I loved the songs and hope Christine and David work out the technical details before the next laptop concert!

  •   SingOut

    Easily the best Concert Window program I've seen! Both Christine and David are very comfortable with informal settings, and they clearly like each other - and they both have important things to say - the ingredients of magic!

  •   clavery

    VERY BAD techno issues last night!!!!!!!!
    Kept dropping the video feed - the "stage" went black - over and over. And took 5 mins or more to come back on each time. THEN if I tried to type anything into the space - it would make the stream stop, hesitate, flicker - and yet not accept or post what I had typed. I would not EVER do this again if the next time is so glitch filled

  •   cbranz2


  • Very good, enjoyable show. Unfortunately, Christines' guitar was too loud and her voice microphone was not loud enough ---- did they have someone mixing the sound?

  • Great home show!!